Nordic London Jewellery

Nordic London Jewellery Story: passion for design

For many years, jewellery designer Keith Gordon has had a passion for Scandinavian design and a love of the culture and scenery of the Nordic countries.

Travelling extensively in Scandinavia enabled Keith to meet so many wonderful people and make many friends who often commented on his designs, remarking how very Scandinavian they were in design. 

On one trip to Copenhagen and Stockholm, he decided to create a range of jewellery to link his love of Scandinavia to his own beloved city of London.

Having had his own hallmark registered at the London Assay Office since 1989, Keith had the idea to register another assay mark at this historic establishment exclusively for the new designs, and so Nordic London Jewellery was born.

Each genuine Nordic London Jewellery piece will proudly bear the mark NorLon.

Working on Nordic London Jewellery has been, and continues to be, a wonderfully enjoyable experience, and Keith hopes that many more pieces will follow.

Inspiration for the Nordic Circle came from watching the moon rise above the Skansen in Stockholm after a beautiful, sunny day: as it ascended it had a haze around it that formed a circle and so the Nordic circle was born.

In 2017 Keith is very pleased to be showing Nordic London Jewellery at the New Nordic Watch and Jewellery Show in Copenhagen.

Keith affirms: 'My jewellery is a genuine passion, and I hope that the design will stand as a mark of friendship and appreciation and continue to link us for many years to come. At the start of any story, you don't know the next chapter; but for me, I hope there are many more wonderful chapters to add. I hope Nordic London will give many people very happy memories and lasting friendships.' 


Echoing the Arctic landscape


The Arctic Spring Collection is a project under development, having begun with a range of vibrant stone-set rings. They reflect the colours of spring-time Arctic flora, whilst evoking the natural beauty of this environment with their fluid bands. Watch the collection grow with the launch of the full collection in Spring 2018.

Arctic Circle


Introducing the latest addition to the collection, the Arctic Circle Bangles. Available in silver, yellow gold or rose gold, their subtle curves from every angle are timelessly elegant yet unique.